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Santa Clarita Movers are your best choice when it comes to long-distance moving destinations such as Los Angeles to San Francisco, Los Angeles to San Diego, etc. Long distance relocation is slightly different from local moves both in terms of furniture preparation and pricing structure. The fact that the furniture is affected by long hours of road vibration puts it in danger of deterioration, which requires an additional level of protection while stacking items in the truck. For long distance moves we allocate certified stackers and foremen that are highly trained in packing and arranging furniture specifically for long distance moving. Further, the trucks that are dedicated to the long distance trips are equipped with air-ride type of suspension which adds additional cushioning to fight the road imperfections, and thus protect your household items. Finally, our long distance drivers are “Commercial Driver License” holders, which means that your valuables will be transported in record time, yet safely across the nation.

How Long-distance Moving is done?

Our standard hourly rates do not apply to long-distance relocation jobs. Given the nature of long-distance moving projects, we provide all-inclusive flat rate estimated based on the amount of furniture, complexity of architectural details of the houses, and the traveling distance. Prior to the reservation, we will offer you to fill out an itemized questionnaire in order to gather as much as details as possible to ensure an accurate estimate. After we review the inventory and calculate the mileage, we will propose you a detailed estimate. We can deliver some of the packing materials days before the actual move if desired. On the moving day, our professional Santa Clarita Movers will pack and wrap all of your belongings to protect them from long distance trip related damages. Certified stacker (a mover who is trained to perfectly stack items in the truck) will arrange your furniture in the way that maximizes the useful space, yet protects it from scuffs and scratches. Depending on the length of the job, the driver and the crew might, or might not take a break before departure. Fast-forward many hours on the road, our movers will unload and unwrap all of your belongings, conduct post-move inspection to ensure that every single item arrived, and depart back to Santa Clarita.

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    Santa Clarita Movers offer reasonable hourly rates that do not have any hidden fees or surcharges.

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    Our expertise in moving Santa Clarita homes is an absolute authority amongst the local companies.

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    Don't risk your valuables with rogue movers - hire licensed Santa Clarita Movers and stay safe!

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    All of our moves include absolutely free moving insurance that is required by State of California.

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    Customer Satisfaction is the priority for us. From the first click, to the last box we will stay commited to you!

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    We are a part of your neighborhood and tuly care about you! Hire local Santa Clarita Movers.

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Santa Clarita Movers exceeded my expectations! Made our move well organized and efficient. Nothing is missing or damaged and the rates are reasonable.
Colleen A.
Colleen A.
Valencia, CA
Santa Clarita Movers moved us from Valley Village to Stevenson Ranch in record time. Start to finish it took Ross and his crew a total of 6 hours for a 3 bedroom condo!
Michelle R.
Michelle R.
Stevenson Ranch, CA
Totally satisfied. Price was right, no hidden fees at all. Movers are efficient and experienced. Customer service and communication is on the highest level too!
Bruce L.
Bruce L.
Burbank, CA

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