Piano Movers

Moving pianos takes special training and advanced knowledge. Santa Clarita Movers are proud to deliver our piano moving services to the residents of Santa Clarita. We have teams specifically dedicated to musical instruments transportation carry all necessary equipment to handle any kind of pianos. Below is the description of how piano moving is done:

Piano Moving Process

Piano moving begins with the booking process. Be prepared with the details, such as type of piano being moved (upright, grand, etc), presence and complexity of stairs, adequate door width. After the initial questionnaire reserve your move and we will send out 2 to 4 movers to handle your piano in the safest way possible. For upright pianos the process is relatively simple: we wrap piano with plastic film and blankets and position it on a piano skid board. Then we mount the piano and board on four-wheel dolly and transport it to the truck. In cases involving grand pianos more work needs to be done: moving parts of piano and legs are carefully removed and labeled if necessary. Grand pianos are transported in vertical position, and thus require more men-power to handle it. Usually, 2 movers are required to move an upright piano, and up to 4 movers needed for grand pianos. After piano is wrapped and protected we will turn it on the skid board and strap to prevent any shifting. Further, grand piano is transported inside the truck and delivered to destination.

Cost of Piano Moving (off-peak days only)

  • Spinet, Studio Piano, flat surface: $400 (2 Movers)
  • Spinet, Studio Piano, 4-10 step stairs: $500 (3 movers)
  • Grand Piano, Full Upright, flat surface: $450 (3 movers)
  • Grand Piano, Full Upright, 4-10 step stairs: $600 (4 movers)

* Piano moving rates include up 3 hours of moving, and a total of 50 miles traveling from our warehouse to pick-up, to drop-off and back to our warehouse.

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Santa Clarita Movers exceeded my expectations! Made our move well organized and efficient. Nothing is missing or damaged and the rates are reasonable.
Colleen A.
Colleen A.
Valencia, CA
Santa Clarita Movers moved us from Valley Village to Stevenson Ranch in record time. Start to finish it took Ross and his crew a total of 6 hours for a 3 bedroom condo!
Michelle R.
Michelle R.
Stevenson Ranch, CA
Totally satisfied. Price was right, no hidden fees at all. Movers are efficient and experienced. Customer service and communication is on the highest level too!
Bruce L.
Bruce L.
Burbank, CA

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